MIT-China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum

In 2011, a couple of my friends, Rui Li, Hai Wang, and Feng Tan had an idea of a forum at MIT about technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship but with a specific focus on building a bridge between China and the United States. Seeing the need for Asia to move from a manufacturing center to one centered more upon innovation and creativity, I immediately saw the potential for MIT to take the lead and joined their team as a board member and Technology Director for the first two years of the forum. The group gained a tremendous audience in its early stages; we had over 600 attendees the first year including well-known investors and executives from China, including ZhenFund, IBM, Microsoft, who shared their insights with students at MIT.

During this time I designed a bilingual website (which has since been downsized to English-only), database-backed member and speaker information system, did all the online and print graphic design, as well as a large fraction of the photography and video production for the group in its early stages, striving to target audiences from both China and the United States. I also established the technological backend for our entrepreneruship contest in which over 100 teams pitched their ideas to the China market.

For more information please see the official website which I designed but which has since been passed on to others for maintainence after my exit from the team in 2013.