Attopedia: The world's knowledge on your wrist

Attopedia was a personal exploration, exercise, and experiment in software product design for smartwatches.

Back around 2014-2017, smart watches became a fad, and with many mobile apps created smartwatch counterparts for Android Wear and the Apple Watch. One of the challenges of the watch interface is effectively presenting information on a small screen. Of particular note, someone even ported a full-blown WebKit web browser for Android Wear. However, it was extremely difficult to use, due to the excessive layout and JavaScript bloat in most web pages, as well as the fact that as mobile-friendly as many websites are today, almost none are designed to be viewed on a 3-centimeter screen.

However, that does not preclude there being an internet for smart watches. After all, web pages on mobile phones were a terrible experience before people started redesigning their pages specifically for mobile phone screens, so I thought, why not take it a step further, and think carefully about what the "smart watch internet" should look like?

And so I designed a more intuitive paradigm based on a grid layout, where you swipe up/down to traverse between sections of a page, and left/right to traverse subsections. Here it is in action:

Unfortunately I discontinued developent of the app as the Play Store kept needing me to babysit various updates and policies, Google deprecated and discontinued a search API I was using, and my Java project would break every time I upgraded Android Studio, and I honestly didn't have time to deal with those problems in the midst of my work. The code is still at this Github repo though in case anyone is curious. It could be ported to the latest watches, but it's not a high priority for me for now, especially since (personal opinion) smart watches haven't really become what they were once hyped to be.