Things I have been working on lately. There are also lots more half-baked projects I have not written up—write to me if you have interest in hacking together on something related!


First-Photon Imaging
High-resolution 3D imaging with only one photon per pixel. Joint work at the Optical and Quantum Communications Group and Signal Transformation and Information Representation Group at the Research Laboratory of Electronics at MIT.

Classical Far-Field Phase-Sensitive Ghost Imaging
We demonstrate for the first time far-field ghost imaging with phase-sensitive classical light whose anti-phase correlation between the signal and reference beams is imposed by two spatial light modulators. Work done at the Optical and Quantum Communications Group at MIT.

Phase-conjugate optical coherence tomography
We demonstrate phase-conjugate optical coherence tomography (PC-OCT) using a classical source of phase-sensitive cross-correlated beams to achieve measurement improvements shared by quantum OCT (Q-OCT).


MIT Sustainability Summit
Coded a database-backed, mobile-friendly website, conference on-site materials, and promotional materials to promote sustainability as cross-disciplinary and united effort across all fields, from startups to multinational corporations. Besides designing the logo, marketing materials, and website, we made several advances in making the conference itself more sustainable.

MIT-China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum
Member of the founding team, board member and technology director for 2 years. Coded a database-backed website, technical infrastructure to handle registrations, marketing, and accounts for a business plan contest, targeting collaboration between China and the United States in technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

computing and applications
Minimalist location-based file sharing tool.

Attopedia: Put the entire world's knowledge on your wrist
A Wikipedia client for Android Wear smart watches.

Android Wear Camera Remote
Remotely view your cell phone camera and take pictures, from your smartwatch.

Android Wear Mini Maps
Google maps-like application for the smart watch with live panning.

Android Wear Matrix Watch Face
Falling code watch face from the Matrix.

Google Pinyin for Dvorak users
A hacked version of the Google Pinyin input method for Android, modified for a Dvorak layout. This is my my primary input method on tablets and phones. Personal project.

Web-based graphing calculator, built as a learning project to study new features of JavaScript, Canvas, HTML5, and SVG at the same time.

hacks and gadgets

Simmons LED Display
DIY 6x6-pixel, 2-storey high LED display constructed as a Simmons Hall rush project.