Luxo: A robotic Pixar-style lamp that actually jumps

Pixar is truly a master of anthropomorphizing everyday objects. Over the years I have seen numerous robotic Pixar lamp implementations, but none that could actually jump and move around. So I set out to build one. This is a 3D-printed endition of Pixar's Luxo Jr. that actually jumps using several servos that move in concert. It uses Savox servos which can accelerate fast enough to get the base to scoot along if they move in concert. I demoed this robot at the Bay Area Maker Faire 2019. 3D print parts and code can be found on this Github repo.
My main intentions with this project were to (a) get familiar with the ROS JointTrajectoryController stack (b) explore robot-human emotional interaction (c) use it as a remote pan/tilt security camera, (d) explore reinforcement learning, although building simulations for the latter has been difficult.