FooPlot was largely a learning project from 2007 to get acquainted with some of the new features of JavaScript and vector graphic display capabilities of browsers. In order to learn some of these features I decided a graphing calculator would be a good learning project. What I did not expect was that nobody had really written a good web-based graphing calculator yet (some used annoying Java applets, and most had terrible UI design), so as soon as I wrote this, it quickly spread like wildfire (particularly via Digg and Reddit) and thousands of high schools began using it within a matter of weeks, which I wasn't extremely prepared for when it was first released.

I ironed out some of the bugs, and added some minor features from time to time in order to benefit all those schools that continue to use it, and a couple of Google Adsense boxes which more than cover the hosting costs, but this was ultimately a learning project and spending time maintaining graphing calculators was never my life objective, so I decided not to turn it into a full-blown educational start-up although I probably could have. I do however release the source code of the plotting engine under GPL for anyone who wants to tinker with it and help make it better. Check it out on GitHub if you are interested.

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