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The New World

15.NOV.2013 — Landscapes from the "new world" settled by Northern European explorers along the Atlantic Coast, including the regions of New England, New France, Nova Scotia ("New Scotland"), and Newfoundland.  |  SEE MORE »

France's Last Vestige in North America

17.SEP.2013 — The islands of St. Pierre and Miquelon, located 20 kilometres off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada, are the sole remnants of France's once-vast empire in North America.  |  SEE MORE »

The Lashio Road

20.JUL.2013 — For long the centre of government for the northern Shan states, it was later taken over by British colonialism and a railway line from Mandalay completed in 1903. A market town at the crossroads between South Asia and China, Lashio became important during the Sino-Japanese War when it was used as a supply point for Chinese forces.  |  SEE MORE »

Dancing Light

04.JUL.2013 — Independence Day Fireworks in Boston, 2009-2013.  |  SEE MORE »

Chaozhou to Fuzhou

10.MAR.2012 — 600 km by bicycle, from the famous dishes of Teochew (Chaozhou) to the Hakka villages of the mountains in Yongding, to the tea farms on the slopes of Fujian's mountains, to the hope brought by Goddess Matsu to sailors of times past, Southeast Asia's Chinese diaspora traces its roots almost entirely to this small stretch of China's coast.  |  SEE MORE »

Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal

27.DEC.2011 — A 1600-km bicycle journey along the longest artificial river ever built in human history. The Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal runs from a course of 1794 km, the oldest parts dating as far back as the 5th century BC but not completed and connected until the Sui Dynasty in 6th century CE for the first time, after which it endured repeated disasters, damage, and reconstruction. The canal was one of the most important transport routes in ancient China and not only passes through a number of historic cities but also gave rise to the existence of many others; as such it passes today through some of both the most culturally and industrially developed cities of China. Today, the canal continues to be used from Jining to Hangzhou; the northern sections are not in operable condition.  |  SEE MORE »

MIT celebrates 150th anniversary

04.JUN.2011 — MIT's 150th anniversary came to a grand finale yesterday with the Toast to Tech event, inviting undergraduates, graduates, alumni and faculty to a reception on Killian Court under a colourfully-lit dome. Three MIT alumni greeted the audience from the International Space Station, followed by a fireworks display in front of the Boston skyline, featuring MIT 150 spelled on the windows of the Prudential Tower.  |  SEE MORE »

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