13.07.2019  |  PetaPixel
Shooting High-Res Thermal Photos of Iceland to Show Nature at Work
Iceland ranks as one of the topmost photographed countries in the world. But in the land of fire and ice, constantly being shaped by geological forces, there is much more than the eye — or your digital camera — can see, and is perhaps one of the most interesting places on Earth to wander around with a thermal camera.

04.06.2019  |  ArtNet News
A Computer Engineer Had the Brilliant Idea of Using Snapchat’s Gender-Swapping Filter on Famous Works of Art
I’m sure most of us have seen our friends posting hilarious gender-swapped versions of themselves all over social media, thanks to a new filter by Snapchat. I thought that registering a Snapchat account and taking it to an art museum might be fun, just to test the limits of the filter on selfies from a few hundred years ago. So I headed over to Stanford’s Cantor Center for Visual Arts to find out.

19.05.2019  |  Hackaday
Little Lamp to Learn Longer Leaps
Reinforcement learning is a subset of machine learning where the machine is scored on their performance. Over the course of a training session, behavior that improved final score is positively reinforced gradually building towards an optimal solution. [Dheera Venkatraman] thought it would be fun to use reinforcement learning for making a little robot lamp move. But before that can happen, he had to build the hardware and prove its basic functionality with a manual test script.

31.03.2019  |  Hackaday
ROS Gets Quick Sensor Debugging in the Terminal
Sensors are critical in robotics. A robot relies on its sensor package to perform its programmed duties. If sensors are damaged or non-functional, the robot can perform unpredictably, or even fail entirely. [Dheera Venkatraman] has been working to make debugging sensor issues easier with the rosshow package for Robot Operating System.

23.08.2016  |  TechCrunch
The 48 startups that launched at Y Combinator S16 Demo Day
There 12 billion food and package delivers in the US every year. But the on-demand meal and grocery industries are being held back by the high costs of human deliverers. Robby makes self-driving delivery robots that can autonomously navigate sidewalks to your door. Robby can reduce costs of deliveries from $5 to $10, to $1 to $2 each. Its MIT PhD-built bots have already made 50 deliveries, and Robby about to start a pilot program with Instacart.

24.06.2016  |  Nature Communications
Photon-efficient imaging with a single-photon camera
Reconstructing a scene’s 3D structure and reflectivity accurately with an active imaging system operating in low-light-level conditions has wide-ranging applications, spanning biological imaging to remote sensing. Here we propose and experimentally demonstrate a depth and reflectivity imaging system with a single-photon camera that generates high-quality images from ~1 detected signal photon per pixel.

09.04.2016  |  Business Insider
13 before-and-after photos that show how drastically China's cities have grown over the last century
Over the past 30 years, China has grown from an agricultural-centric country to a largely urban society. Hundreds of millions of rural residents have left the countryside for larger cities, many in the hopes of finding better jobs. Photographer Dheera Venkatraman spent a few years traveling around the country to create a series he called "Time Traveling in China". The project involved finding images from the 1900s and revisiting the locations they depicted, taking his own photos of what the landscape looks like today.

11.12.2015  |  MIT News
Reducing waste and inefficiency, while increasing access and profits, propels MIT Energy Hackathon
Buildingram investigated fundamental building characteristics of each address, such as primary business activity, number of people using the facility, and the rate and frequency of building use. It acquired much of the information and photos by deploying Web search and data finessing using Google Maps and Foursquare APIs, Facebook, Instagram, plus other social media and websites. The team was able to decipher energy use by noting construction materials, the number of floors, lighting types, shape of structures, whether solar panels were present, and other similar parameters.

02.06.2015  |  The Weather Channel
Roads Less traveled: Photographing the Brutal Mongolian Winter
Photographer Dheera Venkatraman likes to travel to places others might not have on their bucket lists. In fact, he often reads tourist guidebooks and crosses all of the recommendations off of his own list, and does whatever is left.

25.02.2015  |  Time Magazine
Saying 'Open Sesame' Actually Unlocks Doors Now
MIT graduate student Dheera Venkatraman calls his "Sesame" app for Android Wear smartwatches an "exceedingly simple project" to unlock a door using spoken commands. The wearer simply needs to shout into the watch face, "OK Google, open sesame" to open the app. It then wirelessly transmits a command via Bluetooth to turn an Internet-connected lock.

04.08.2014  |  PC Magazine
Attopedia for Android Wear Puts the Sum of Human Knowledge on Your Wrist
Android Wear provides a completely new environment for developers to run wild in, and not all the early attempts to make smartwatch apps have been entirely successful. A watch is simply not a phone, which means the apps need to be scaled down and make sense for a watch.

15.07.2014  |  Gotta Be Mobile
Android Wear Brings the Matrix Code to Your Wrist

14.07.2014  |  Android Police
Wear Camera Remote Mirrors The Viewfinder On Your Watch In Real Time

04.07.2014  |  Boston.com
See Boston's Fireworks Spectacular in a Whole New Light

03.01.2014  |  Science
First-Photon Imaging

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